About Gratified Grad

My first year of graduate school was filled with anxiety attacks, depression, and imposter syndrome. As a student attending a predominately white institution (PWI) I worked to find my place. It is through the community building and conversations I had with senior graduate students and mentors that I came to realize I am capable and doing just fine.

The idea of Gratified Grad has been developing since my second year of graduate school. This is when I decided to empower myself and create a space to help others who may be experiencing what I went through my first year. It is my goal to help you not only survive during your time as a student in higher education, but thrive! Together we will learn and determine the best tools for you.

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The Gratified Grad, LLC logo contains my vision of inclusivity. I work to challenge the current norms in higher education and truly open access to education to all who desire. Representation is key. Diversity is key. Communication is key.

Gratified Grad, LLC was established in August 2020.

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