What makes the middle of grad school so hard ?

If you have been keeping up with my previous blogs, you’ll notice I have been digging into the “grad school rut” phase of my journey. The purpose of this blog is to get to the “why” of it. I’ve come to realize I have entered a new phase of the graduate journey. I call theContinue reading “What makes the middle of grad school so hard ?”

Continuing to grow…

You had the momentum going, you had the juice. So now what? How do you make sure you continue progressing, continue moving, continue evolving after exponential growth? This will be an extension of my previous post “Making it through the middle of your PhD.” Now, we’re talking about continuing the growth. I’ve realized I putContinue reading “Continuing to grow…”

Making it thru the middle of your PhD

The third year of my PhD process was quite the experience. I had accomplished so much (and then some,) for a second I thought how could there be more. SPOILER ALERT: There’s always more. Lol. I had heard of that “grad school rut,” the “darkest hour” and didn’t fully know what it was until IContinue reading “Making it thru the middle of your PhD”

It’s me, Latisha, the Gratified Grad…

Hi! I hope you are doing well today! Just a quick message about some of the benefits in being a part of the Gratified Grad community. Monthly posts that discuss some of the mental road blocks I have overcame and how How to…Mondays on my YouTube channel where I discuss specific, tangible actions you canContinue reading “It’s me, Latisha, the Gratified Grad…”